Screen caps


A screen cap is a useful tool for showing people what you see on your computer/laptop screen. For a while I thought it’s be beyond me, but’s really easy.

This is a two step quick tut. for it.

  1. For laptops:

Clicking and holding the “fn”(located @ bottom left on keyboard) key then clicking the “prt sc”(located @ top right on keyboard [it’s also under the word “insert” on my laptop] and I saw spelling varies computer to computer) button should work. go to step two. If it does not work, simply google how to take a screen cap and you’ll see many a tutorial varying in info.

For desktops:

Now I’ve never done this, so I could be wrong, BUT. Clicking the ctrl button, then “prt sc” button might work.

  1. Once you’ve successfully done either of these, you go to the start button. Click “all programs”. Click “accessories”. Then click “paint”. then ctrl+v. then you simply save were every you’d like.

NOTE: when you click the two buttons (“fn” or “ctrl” and “prt sc”) nothing will happen. no signal at all. Just go right to paint and ctrl+v to see if you’ve done it right

I realize I didn’t go into super extensive details. But screen caps are cool, and useful. So if nothing works, and you need one… GOOGLE!


I can confirm this for desktops. Hold ‘Ctrl’ and then press ‘PrtScn’. Go to your word processing document (Word) and right click and click paste (you can also do ‘Ctrl’+‘V’)


I’d use paint before word to copy the image.


Well first click this button when you have what you want to screenshot. (



Now find a place to open MS paint. Then click on it. If it doesn’t open immediately click more.

Now click on the clipboard with illegible writing.

Then save as a gif for quality.

Now save in your favorite directory and you’re done!