SCR 2013


SCR will be July 20th, from 10am to 7pm, with the majority of events happening in the afternoon. The Location will be on the Auraria Campus, Denver, CO. The building will be the Tivoli Student Union, in the “Turnhalle” ballroom.

Freestyles will be 2 minutes in length in 1,2,3,4,5A, and Artistic Performance Freestyles. The registration fee is $20 and covers all divisions you want to compete in.

Please note that we WILL NOT be doing registration at the door, and all music must be turned in prior to the contest date.

Register for SCR 2013 Here:

More details to come, see you in July!


Can I just pay upfront instead of online?


Try contacting Jon Gates or Darren Kim about it. Try messaging them on Facebook, or send your question to me via PM and I’ll let either of them know :slight_smile:


Bump. Be sure to pre-register unless you like having your music picked for you!


BUMP! Its this weekend. You HAVE to register online THIS WEEK to compete!!!