SCR 2012... Where?!

Anyone know if South Central Regional will be mixed with the Rocky Mountain Championships in CO again or will it move back to Texas/Oklahoma? Either way, I REALLY want to go. Any info would be great. Thank you very much!

my bet is it will be in Colorado again. I moved away from Oklahoma and am no longer running it.

It’s in June… I just don’t know which weekend yet. Tryin to get ahold of Jon, tho. I’ll update when I know more shortly. I wanna say the 9th or 16th

Thanks for the news. I heard it was as soon as the 2nd and even late summer… Keep us updated. Would love to make it out there.

Okay, it is on August 25th, in Colorado, outside of Denver this year, it will be held at the Boulder Circus Center, 2-8 pm ( early/late estimate) Sorry for the late notice, Jon and his wife have been busting their butts to get everything set up after the breakup from Wizards Chest. So there you have it!