Scales Collective Yo-Yo Freestyles Analysis

Ive been digging the Scales Analysis videos and learning a lot from how the team dissects and scores tricks!

They only have posted the top 3 World 2018 1A Finalist but I would would love to see more from other competitions!

What are some people you would like to see scored/analyzed?!




I saw this analysis of Takeshi recently. Very insightful. I wouldn’t mind seeing analysis of more “middle of the pack” ranked players from results too. As in people that ranked say 10th thru 6th. To compare and contrast how their routine is structured and scored/where they lost/could have gained points, compared to the top of the rankings, which as you can imagine is usually dense technical tricks. Or at least these are my observations.


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll definitely do some more freestyles like those soon.

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