Scales' 1st Awards Show!


Tomorrow night Scales Collective will host our first awards show! We’ll be discussing stuff like the top videos of the year, Trick Innovator of the Year, some of the best freestyles, and more. We hope for it to be something that any yo-yoer can enjoy, no matter how they feel about competition and whatnot. Afterwards we will be hosting the finals of the Scales Open Online as well - it’ll be a jam-packed night of awesome yo-yo stuff. Why not check it out?

(Jacob Waugh) #2

Dang it, won’t be home…

(Justin Thompson) #3

I’ll def tune into that. You guys at Scales have a really cool approach to your platform that frankly deserves more attention than it currently seems to get. I get alot out of being able to see a routine or competition from a judge’s perspective. You guys clearly know your stuff, great job and keep it coming.