sb bape, raw peak and raw avaalanche

i am severely trimming down my collection and i am in dire need of some cash for textbooks so i want everything gone quick

for sale i have the following
set of b grade e=mc2’s
both have been galaxy blasted and one is somewhat smooth while the other has a vibe that is noticable but doesn’t affect play
would prefer them to go as a package deal

raw peak
typical clyw vibe but a hell of a player
$130 shipped

the sas is gone

raw avalanche
$100 shipped

green with pink speckles, a few tiny marks, smooth

purple and gold with a few scratches and tiny vibe

set of h5’s
mint blue and purple save deth
$80 each or $150 for the set

sb bape
modded by ricerocket to accept a small bearing, comes with a kk and plays pretty well
does have vibe

bionic fhc
lb bionic fhc, typical fhc

both blue with tarnished rims and slight vibe
$55 for both or $25 seperately

papier mache
white, couple marks, smooth for delrin

i will have more to post later and willl also get some pics
everything is OBO so dont be afraid to make an offer unless it is really unreasonable
as for wants


picture, colourway and condition of the Peak please?

Pics on the Bape?

Color of the Sas? Thx

Please note he has not shipped on his end of the deal for several deals for a month or so. I suggest you not deal,with him until it is all resolved

I dont understand this guy. Hes came to me numerous times via a response to my thread saying he has all these yoyo’s. But when i ask for pictures, or even more details as to what colorway they are he does not respond.

I wouldnt trust this guy.


pics for avalanch and sasquash

Has his trades on YYN and YYE been Solved?