BST Avalanche Sasquatch Yoyo factory magic yo


Okay i have some throws that im not too sure i want to get rid of. The avalanche and sasquatch are both near mint. the sasquatch only has one pin prick and the avalanche has a few but nothing too bad. the dv888 and magic yo are just some throws to add in. majic yo is darn near mint and plays awesome and the dv888 has vibe and has hits but its still fun to play. pm me with offers. i think im looking more for money but hear are some wants

OD code 1
OD code 2
OD Burnside
one drops, looking for a cool colorway. not solid but offer anyways. burning ember?yye? burning ember? wasteland? or there were a few cool blue lightning editions or something to that effect.
CLYW Sasquatch
CLYW Avalanche
CLYW Chief
CLYW Arctic circle
YYF Genesis

anything along those lines. p.s. im a sucker for awesome colorways

please post pics on you B/S/T thread.