San Antonio TX area yoyo throw!

Alamo Yoyo Club meets up the last Sunday of each month for a yoyo jam. We meet at Phil Hardberger park 5-7pm. We’re near the Urban Ecology Center , by the tables.

Costume jam for this month! Woo Halloween!


Today is the day.

Throw down imminent.

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I’m in Laredo… don’t think we have a throw community down here. Would love to head up one of these days to chill

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Awesome- we’re building our community here and are always welcoming more throwers! If it helps to know, we always meet on the last Sunday of the month.

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Next meet is on Sunday 11/24

Jammin this Sunday!


Trying to get myself there early if possible.
Sunlight leaves us to quick😢

Last meet of '19.
See y’all on Sunday 12/29!

See y’all tomorrow. I’ll be there 4 to dark30!


Meet us at the park for some jam time. 5-7pm

(Maybe more like 4 to darkish)


See 'yall at the park. 4 -7 (times are loose😉)

Good turnout today. We got yoyos in the hands of lots of passersby.

Some topspinning too!


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

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Woop! Birthday yoyo meet!
We’ll be at the park 4ish to darkish. See y’all there!

(And it’s my birthday!)

This month’s meet is a no go.
Stay safe.

Keep throwing and growing.

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Once again we are recommending everyone stay safe and throw at home.

Never. Stop. Throwing.

Stay tuned. This will pass and glory shall return!

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This month’s practice is a * stay safe play safe *
time once again.

Everybody be safe!:sunglasses:

Private meet up today. Everybody be well, be safe!


July meet was a private event, but we hope to be out and about as soon and safe as possible.:+1:

Everybody keep safe, and throw yoyos - not shade.