Sale/Trade:New Items!!Looking for sasq,cliff,chief,artic circle,puffin,glacier

looking for Cash or sasq cliff,chief,artic circle,puffin,glacier,clyw
I have at least 30 feedback on another forum. All International trades.

Mint Green Clash 2010 Straight from the man himself. Offer

2nd run only 37 made. Mint pink splash BVM 2nd run offer

Non mint sandglass $60

non mint phenomizm $50

Mint yoyos:

spyy pro $75

mint battosai $85

Mint beadblasted superstar $89

mint raptor$ 35

mint destiny: $54

mint legacy $17

mint mayhem $55

mint couter attack $17

lyn fury $12

mint lyn fury $12

mint journey $12

mint kickside $12