Sale and Trade at BAC 2015

Is anyone coming to BAC 2015 next week?
I want to get rid some of my collection, preferably by trading.
I am a collector since 2005.

Yoyos that are for sale or trade:
Ancient YYF yoyo that are not in production anymore: (most of them are cosmeticaly bad)
Very first Genesis, very first MVP, Lunatic, Hectic, Very first Plastic Grind Machine, 888 Classic edition, Superstar Wavelength edition

Some new YYF: (Pretty Mint)
Pulsar Superstar, Catalyst with Z-stack, The Hubstack (unresponsive), Equilibrium, Velocity, ShaqlerStar, B-Grade Popstar

Others: (Pretty Mint)
The Magnum by Audley, CLYW Summit (Ash Berry), CLYW Bonfire (Pink), Eternal Throw Elyssian

I am only interested in Good yoyos, I am talking about at least CLYW, or even better, High-Quality Japanese yoyos. (Of course I know this will cost me at least 2-to-1 trade with stuff I listed above)

I don’t ship, so let me know only if you are interested in anything, and are coming down to BAC next week!