S>Worn Raw 5a marks/2 ding YYR Gleipnir 70 shipped

No trades

Some background on the Gleip. Dirty Dif-E Konkave bearing. Still plays almost dead smooth. Just a small small small bit of vibe, maybe because of the dirty bearing. Plays stable, not awfully heavy, fast, love it. If you’ve tried a Sleipnir, it’s basically much on the heavier side but still just as capable. Very tarnished and needs a good polishing. Pads are in okay condition. Has 2 deepish dings, not enough to cut, on the rims. And a pinprick from I’m sure 5a. Also has around 5-6 5a marks, example will be shown. Does not affect play. A lot of machining marks due to it being raw. Polish it up and once it’ll shine. Comes with a few yellow normal kitty string.

Comes with box!

70 shipped

5a marks

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Might have to pay a little more if out of the US.[/b]