FS/FT: RAW yoyorecreation Gleipnir LF: Positron, Sleipnir, Acro, Fragment

Hi guys!

I know I’ll regret it, but I’ve come to the conclusion that my Gleipnir is slightly too solid for my taste, and I am dying for a Positron. I don’t care that much about condition, I just want it smooth. As far as colors are concerned, Purple, Raw, Black/Aqua marble, Red/Champagne marble, Purple “kill everybody” edition, Blue, Black, Red, Green or a fun custom ano/paint job would be perfect. I will only accept Champagne, Yellow, Brown and Pink if it is mint.

Also looking for Red or Blue 2009 Sleipnir, half Silver half Blue Shinya Kido Sleipnir, Raw 2009 Sleipnir, or any polished Sleipnir; also looking for Raw, Red or Black Acrophobia and Fragment.

I would say it’s mint, but I know it has hit my floor and my table sometimes, so I’ll just say it’s very near mint. No marks that I can see, except normal raw marks. It was pretty vibey when I got it, but now it’s pretty smooth. I also have a YYR box which wasn’t its, but I can add it if you want.

I also have a Pink Overdrive that I’ll keep unless I have a very good offer.

Thank you.



Coming back on this board, due to zombieheadshot I didn’t want to make business here anymore, but it’s been 1 year and I’m pretty sure trying again won’t kill me :smiley: