Rubiks Cubes FS Mf8, Rare shaped,LanLan, 4x4, 3x3s weird shaped

Random on a yoyo website but heck with it.

Pictures: 310 779 5518

I’m selling unless you would like to trade a yoyo for them.

Megaminx: $20 minty

4x4: $20 mint and I lubed it so it’s pretty fast

3x3: Qty (2): one for $7 two for $11 one with white stickers attached other with no white.

Skewb: $10 minty

3x3x4 C4U: $25 super fast and mint white.

Fused Cube: $15Two cubes fused not like a Siamese cube look it up, fast smooth, hand made. Diansheng used.

Octagon Barrel: $10 used cement so it looks bad. Really rare and I had to make one from scratch super hard to make, bought stickers and it’s super rare.o