RSO and other goodies

Love all of these yo-yos, but I really want to pick up a 000SE so I need to thin out the collection a bit and relocate some funds. Prices include shipping, would prefer to stay ConUS.

RSO x Atmos Gravity - SOLD - NMTBS. Comes with all the goodies and original box.

RSO The End PtII - SOLD - NMTBS. Eetsit colorway No 19. You can see there’s a bit of oxidation happening on the engravings, this thing has just been sitting in a case for a year so I wouldn’t consider it damaged. Comes with original box, pouch, and pin.

Peak 2 - SOLD - has 4 or 5 surface scratches (pictured). Still plays great.

Taijitu - SOLD - NMTBS - Moonrock finish. Comes with original box and pin.

Slam Dunk - $50 - NMTBS - Black and gold. I think I have the original box but I believe it’s personalized with my forum handle haha.

Slam Dunk

Always down to hook up the price if you want to bundle anything up.


End and Peak gonezo, price drop on Gravity

Price drops all around.

Bundle deals:

Take the Gravity and either the Taijitu or the Dunk for $295

Take the Taijitu and the Dunk for $80



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