Rose Gold BFF, Wedge, bi-metals, and DEALS Mystery Box!

Prices are US shipped, feel free to offer trades :slight_smile: Looking specifically for all black or rose gold SS

Mystery Box - Two bimetals that retail for $100+ and are both undamaged. $125

SF x CC BFF (rose gold) - Undamaged with pouch. Offer

YYF Wedge (white with unengraved red hub) - Undamaged, very minor vibe. $25

Singwon Patriot bi-metals (raw) - 3A pair, one smooth, one very minor vibe. $100 for the pair, $60 each.

SF Bliss (rose gold) - Undamaged with pouch, smooth. Offer

SF x Core Co BFF (iridescent rings) - Undamaged with Core Co box, smooth. Offer

Turning Point Palpitation (grey) - Minor damage, smooth. $115

YYF ND Ultra (pink) - Undamaged, smooth. $40

YYF Wide Angle Shutter (aqua) - One cosmetic mark, very minor vibe. $30

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what do you want for the pulsefire and/or slepnir :slight_smile:

I’ll take the yoyofreaks your mom if still available

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