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Yoyos are for wheelin’ n dealin’ ! I wheel … and then I deal. And in today’s episode, I have the best deals on the best bimetals. Best bimetals, you say ? Yup, that dude Damian Puckett knows weight distribution like no one else.

From front to back.

  • Puckett Wingweaver, smoky and full of power. BRAND NEW, 75$ + ship. Yikes, a top-level Puckett for the price of a Duncan !!!

  • Puckett Wisteria with brass rings, blue with salmon cups. Bit of vibe and a tiny mark that will take you quite some time to find. No I don’t provide a microscope. But I provide chocolates !

  • Puckett + Dressel Fusion with brass rings in the back, purple and blue. Just like the Wisteria above, the version with brass rings plays the best ! BRAND NEW, 75$ + ship. My goodness this is a DEAL !!
    75$ + ship :scream:

I add chocolates, so that you can play yoyo while eating sweets - can life be any better ? And here’s the feedback page if you want to see some looong literature - no one else has as many feedback entries, but I might still run away with your money. Thanks!


Don’t hesitate to deal with @Pierre stand up guy and has killer deals



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Well too late on the Wingweaver and Wisteria, folks. BUT ! The best one is still there. Fusion-Brass, BRAND NEW, 75$ + ship. BEST DEAL AROUND.