Romanian yoyoers or people with Romanian roots

Hey guys.i wonder if you are/know yoyoers from Romania.thx

You are the only yoyoer I know from Romania.

There must be someone else,dude.

I’ve got friends in Bucharest that I head down to see but only go every once in a while due to cost. Haven’t seen anyone else with a yoyo there though.

Well, I’m from the USA and I have no clue who lives in Romania, so I don’t actually know anyone else from there that yoyos.

My grandpa was born in Romania

:smiley: but he’s retired from yoyo. He got as far as Rock the Baby , right?

Best pun ever i am done

You could always check Facebook. Just go to the search bar and type in “yoyo Romania” or something along those lines.

I followed your advice and found a group with 200 members.Some of them are from nearby countries(Bulgaria,Hungary,Serbia,etc).People rarely post and a lot of the members either quit yoyo-ing,either dont use their Facebook account.its fine.

Did someone say Serbia? :slight_smile: What’s up neighbour?
Anyway, I think I noticed few dudes here, just search the forum for “Romania” or something.

Hey neighbour,sorry for late reply.

I’m romanian, but live in vienna, austria. There aren’t many players around. Nice to meet you guys!

This is the facebook page for Romanian yoyoers. Best of luck finding others with whom you may share your sport of choice.