Rockin with GeneralYo!


With the help of my wife, glasseye, Alex Lee ant the entire General-Yo team world wide, we made a rockin yoyo video! USE HD, AND TURN IT UP!!


Loved it, there were some really intense riffs right there.

Really showed the true image of General-Yo.


Really intense video. Totally radical.

(Khent G) #4

That was like…AN Explosion in the guts! kamikazeee

(mikenak1) #5

awesomevideo. lved theending lol

(Halbach) #6

I just saw a Jackson Dinky, from the looks. With that, I say, in a brotherly sense, I love you xD.

Jackson rules.

And, a nice video as well!


Wow. I need to step up my game.


That was sick! I really enjoyed every second of it. Great job!


Gizzyo passed out at 1:07


Thanks guys!
Glad you enjoyed it, as we enjoyed jamin around and having a blast :smiley:

(DOGS) #11

Hahaha I bet he did. Even I kinda whispered “no!”, and I usually don’t give a crap.


The first time I saw this video I heard a loud
FOOOM! at that exact moment. Don’t know what it was, but if I had to guess I think a part of lept from my very frame, and ran to California screaming