Ridiculously Cheap Yo-Yos: FOR SALE ONLY

Welcome to my sale thread. These yo-yos are all in great condition, and all the damage is otherwise pictured. All yo-yos are priced to ship, including tracking via USPS. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM. I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL.

I’d prefer to sell these yo-yos in packages. If you plan on buying multiple yo-yos, you may find yourself paying less money than you planned :wink:

Here’s what I have to offer:


Has 2 small pinpricks. (Pictured)


One small nick on the outer rim near the cap. (Pictured)


Mint w/ Box if requested.

Thanks for giving my thread a look. Again, feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions.

-Graeme Steller

Sold Yo-yos:

Duncan Raptor
CLYW Caribou Queen Bassalope
SPYY Punchline Repeater
Kingspin Gnosis

PM Sent

Bump. If you’re sending me a PM, please at least show me the decency to speak in full, complete sentences, otherwise, I just won’t respond. Thanks.

Bump, last day for July 4 discounts