Ride To BAC


Hey, is anyone driving from North of Eugene Oregon to go to Bay Area Classic and would be willing to give me a ride to and from? I can pitch in $50 for gas money and would make a friendly and enjoyable passenger.
Elijah Vandagrift


Me too :confused:


There are only 2 possible outcomes to this scenario:

  1. You are a serial killer.

  2. The person who offers you a lift is a serial killer.

Stay safe everyone. :-\


haha, you can ask paul dang. I’m no serial killer :stuck_out_tongue:


haha! that made me bust out laughing!

why don’t you bead down to the local truck stop or where semi trucks always pass and hitchhike? might be a little scary but ththat might be your best chance at a way to get there…

anyways, hope you can find a way there and like said above, be safe.


Drop by in redding and pick me up too!