Reviewing websites


Hey guys do you know of any yoyo reviewing websites???



Yoyoskills Reviews:
Sniff-yo’s reviews:


Thanks. Do you know if is any good?


Well according to a post you made in another thread that’s your review site. So tell us, is it any good? :wink:


Lol i’m just trying to see if people like on a scale of 1 to ten what do you think?


I don’t know about a 1 to 10 but it’s not a bad start. Just keep at it. :slight_smile:


Ok thx I just started


Agreed. It’s a very nice start.
I like the layout and style you chose.
@Sniffyo on twitter

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No one said :frowning: I’m disappointed.


See second reply ^


Thank you I like your blog also It’s pretty cool!

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