Thought I would share this video with you guys.
Nationals 2000.
You might think that the tricks back then werent as technical or not as cool or whatnot, but hey, these guys were the ones that opened the doors for new tricks to be created and new concepts to be made.
Many of the tricks we do now, use concepts that these guys and others of the time created.
Respect where you came from.


That was so cool. It’s interesting to see how much play has changed over the years, and stayed the same. I actually recognized parts of tricks that you see in tricks today. Not to mention the fact that almost all of those yo-yo’s were tug responsive. I would love to see what these guys could do now-a-days with the newer throws out there, or even just see them rock the responsive ones they have. Reminds me so much of ed lol. Awesome find Josh

Dude, respect. You’re totally right, and I think a lot of young players really miss the point. Guys like Mark McBride, Steve Brown, Doc Pop, Hank Freeman, Glasseye etc. really started the modern movement in tricks, and innovated entirely new styles like 5a and 3a. Really, they are incredible.

lmao @ me being in that vid. NOt yoing but I’m there videoing the action in the background (2:50ish). lol… and my mega spin factor being used at 2:45ish. Was a horrible year for string burns. The humidity was terrible. Many many kids runing around with thier fingers bleeding from string burn. IT was GREAT!!! Best part was free addmition to universal studios, well and meeting all these great throwers. I learned ALOT that week.

Man, Jayyo, where do you find all these awesome vids?