Requesting Guy Wright Tuts

If anyone can actually do them ;D could someone make some tuts for some of the tricks in Guy Wright’s Catch 22 and The Letter Blue videos? I’d love to be able to learn them, but I feel like I can’t really see all of what’s going on (I have nothing to slow down the video with :’(). Anyway, I think that all of the tricks in those videos are incredible, so any contribution is appreciated. By the way, I have already seen ibanezcollector’s tut for the Letter Blue trick and the Wonderland tutorial by Xela

I could only find one so far, but I’ll try to get some more:

just found another one but it’s just the first step in the other video but still:


Bump… Anyone else have any more? Thanks Blaze, but these are ones i’ve already seen. I’m more looking for someone (Xela maybe? :)) to make a tut for some of the random insane combos throughout the 2 videos

i wish i could find some too i love Guy Wright and he’s one of my favorite throwers out there.

I know. I’m starting to try and sit down and figure some of the combos out myself, so perhaps I might have to just make some Guy Wright combo tuts myself after a while ;). I know it will take me a while since I don’t have a whole lot of time during the week, but I’ve just about got the first full combo in the Catch 22 video figured out (the last step is killing me though >:() and I’m steadily working on dissecting that video. In the meantime, if anyone gets anything down, post it here!