Reply to post not working

For the last little bit, whenever I try to reply to a specific person, the reply pops up and has the person’s user name in it as if it is going to respond to them, but when it posts, it does it as if it’s just responding to the thread, without the little avatar on the right hand side that links back to the post your responding to


You will only see that if your post is not directly under theirs.

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I am experiencing this same problem with my every reply. I’m certain that in the last instance my reply was the next one. It’s here in this topic… Splash Double gt- Diego B. Yoyo Things - Tutorials - #71 by Shwa

Were you responding to the post directly above yours in the link? I just responded to the post right above this.

And now I’m responding to @codinghorror post that’s higher up in the thread, that will show the respond link.

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This is me replying to your last post. I took a screen grab prior to posting.

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Unless I misunderstand what you’re saying the posts seem to be working correctly.

I went in a chrome and reset to default. Looks like that worked.

If you are responding to the very last post in a thread the link showing what you are responding to won’t show. Try responding to this post, it won’t show the link.

It wasnt. If you look at my post it doesnt show the graphic that I was replying to you. Its showed initially while I was creating the reply but once it got posted the little graphic went away.

I reset Google Chrome settings and now it appears to show the little reply graphic properly.


That’s because it was the last post in the thread at the time. If you respond to this post, without posting anything else first, the graphic won’t show.


I see that now but It wasnt showing for me ever. It seems to be normal now that I reset the google settings.

I don’t like the feature that the link doesn’t show when I’m responding to the post above me. How can I distinguish if a post responded to the post above or to the topic?

Context clues is really all you have to go by lol.

I agree there should be the ‘reply bubble’ for any reply posts.