Remove Guts from Loop 720

So I want to change the spacers in my Loop 720, but I do know how to take out the bearing and/or spacer from the other half of the yoyo. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Might be pliers time, if you can unscrew the axle the rest should come out with it.


Put a thick cloth in the jaws of your pliers before attempting it.

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Never use pliers on an axle you intend to continue using.

Go to Hardware store with a good selection of fasteners; like Ace; etc.

Get two small metric nuts. Screw both nuts onto the axle and then tighten them against each other.

This will basically turn the nuts to a bolt head. Then; putting a small wrench on the inner most nut; carefully unscrew the axle from the yoyo half.

PS… (I understand that some people just don’t have the proper tools they need. So I understand that everybody can not possibly follow my suggestions sometimes.)


Yeah, what Doc says is a much better method.

Tap the axle on a hard surface and they should come right out. I think they come with lube around the spacers, which might be why the feel stuck.

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This worked perfectly, thanks! Thanks to everyone else who came to help as well :grin:

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720’s don’t come with any lube around the spacers.

Matter of fact; the 720’s are designed to loop without any lube at all.

I’m not saying you can’t lube them if you want to make them even more responsive.

But one of the primary features/intentions of the 720 yoyos; was to pretty much have a ‘put the string on your finger and start looping.’


My spacers definitely needed some encouragement to fall out the first time, which is why I assumed they came pre-lubed. Maybe they had some machining oil left over from the factory?
Either way the 720s really do work perfectly out of the box; lubed or otherwise. :slight_smile:

Shu made an in-depth video on how to set up a pair of 720s that is worth watching!