Remnant [official video]

I am not sponsored by string theory i simply made a video endorsing their product.  i spent a long time working on this video and i think it turned out really well it is not entirely for the trick content but some of the tricks are some of my best i hope you enjoy and it convinces you to buy a remnant  ;D  to support the small company. :wink:

Wow… that was really good. To be honest I didn`t like your tricks that much before but now I think they are AWESOME! And you have gotten so much smoother. Really good video man.

thank your i really appreciate that. and i am glad i changed your opinion of my tricks ;D

i have that same shirt 8)

i know you said your werent sponsered by string theory but after watching your vid i think your lying :slight_smile:

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;D you calling me a liar boy?! ;D i am not sponsored by string theory though. i think it might happen if i get better and help mark more. Mason McCall(he is on team one drop) said he would be open for a string theory sponsorship and he is much better than i am at 5a, and leo(already sponsored by string theory) is in an entirely different class from my 1a he is so much better. but thank you for your vote of confidence.

i love this shirt it is so comfortable and it looks nice in my opinion. i like you you have good taste in shirts. ;D

haha, thanks! you have a good taste in yoyos!