Rehoming yoyos :) G2 CLYW OneDrop a-rt RSO 2Sick and many more

Thank for helping me find some treasured yoyos. I am now updating my recent post with more “for sale”. I am still happy to trade though :slight_smile:

Full list of pictured throws (top to bottom, left to right):
Throw Spiral Kappa, no engraving, one tiny pinprick, GONE
One Drop Deep State, one small scuff, SOLD
Top Yo Silenus, $30
YYF Catalyst (B grade from ~2011, may be Augie’s first release but don’t know hot to tell for sure), $50
G2 Banshee SS 117, SOLD
G2 Warthog Freedom, OFFER ONLY
G2 Covenant, SOLD
G2 Banshee AL7 Bomber, OFFER ONLY
G2 AL7 Direwolf, $110
Dunk, glow in the dark (1 of 3), OFFER ONLY
One Drop Kuntosh 5000, dragon slayer, nqp for ano (see black splash), $75
One Drop Benchmark O 2013, $60
One Drop Deep State, Saturday market, OFFER ONLY
Good Life Gulch tropical sunset, PENDING
One Drop Summit, OFFER ONLY
a-rt Doorknob (small mark), OFFER ONLY
Circle City Warbird Team edition (with pouch, shims, d bearing etc), GONE
Retic Death Adder V2 brass, $85
2Sick Crusade Unknown edition, $120
Buster with Coffin art (one of two sharks on black buster AFAIK), OFFER ONLY
RSO x Anti-Yo YWETI blue, tiny ano burn, OFFER ONLY

All priced listed are shipped CONUS using F&F. G&S no problem, just add fees. Most prices are based on what I paid – if something seems off kindly let me know :slight_smile: Most are in mint/NMTBS condition but if you’re interested in exact condition, boxes, goodies, string just let me know :slight_smile:

I am looking for the following throws:
Yoyojam Spinmaster II (Brent Dellinger, ideally in red)
G2 Life (Nebula only, maybe Gotham)
G2 Banshee (kaleidoscope or rainbow road only – will trade a Kaleidoscope Warthog!)
G2 swirls or unicorn/rainicorn fades
Yoyorecreation Sputnik
Yoyorecreation Inevitable (black gold)
Turning Point Majiska
ILYY Abyss (all black / run #2)
SPYY Pistolero, Ranchero, and possibly others
Yellow or yellow and black yoyos
“Historical” throws
Or whatever else you’d like to offer :slight_smile:

I’m looking especially for MIB, mint, NMTBS conditions. Happy to balance any trades with extra throws or cash. If you have one of my wanted throws but don’t like my trades, just reach out and I might make you a cash offer or find you another trade you like.

Check trade feedback here: @schummelpilz Trade Feedback


@FrankieJR yweti


Could someone explain to me the reasoning behind so many OFFER ONLY items? What is the strategy being used here?


He could probably explain it to you if you PM him.

Others might be interested in the answer, or others might understand this strategy and be able to provide some insights. The OP doesn’t have to be the only one offering an explanation.


Happy to :slight_smile: It’s a combination of throws that I couldn’t find a good price point on, for example because they’re older or very rare, or because I couldn’t find enough data points on BST, and throws I’d rather trade than sell. Due to my work schedule I haven’t been able to keep up with BST prices, but I did my best in pricing them fairly (hopefully) where I could.

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Yeah, it’s tough when you don’t know the market value of your throws. My question to you, then, is how do you know if an offer is reasonable or not? Suppose I throw a number at you for one of them. How will you know/decide if it’s a reasonable offer?

Honestly think people that do this are wanting someone to offer high, an offer that blows the others away.
To the right person / collector, the “offer” onlys are sought after.


They might have more success listing on eBay where the bidding mechanism does the work of finding the maximum market value, especially between competing collectors.

Thats a good and fair point. I hope I won’t need it but who knows. Whenever I’ve listed before they all sell eventually. Some in seconds, some in a month.

@Applepooh’s comment on “collectors” is also fair. Some of these are 1/2, 1/3, 1/5 etc. Admittedly I don’t know exactly to tell what’s reasonable. But most of the time there is a bunch of lowballs and then whoever is serious first gets it :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure how you can tell if, for example, $50 is a lowball offer while $75 is “serious”. If you can tell the difference, then you are also capable of determining what you would be willing to sell each yoyo for. You could just put those numbers up as the selling prices. Why make interested buyers play this game of guessing what your number is, hoping to get it right?


Lets say the seller thinks he will let it go for A$. But a buyer is willing to pay A+20$ for it. Why wouldn’t I take advantage of that situation. It isn’t about how much Im willing to get for the yoyo but to see how much someone is willing to pay.
You may think your yoyo is worth A$ but if the market thinks its worth A-10$ you’ll just have to keep lowering the price till you get a buyer. This method takes care of that as well.


I’ve been in the car sales business for 5 years. General rule of thumb is the first to speak loses. This is a harsh concept that isn’t fully applicable nowadays with the internet allowing every dealer to list pricing online for comparison.

But Yoyos are much more niche. So like he said he wasn’t able to gather enough data points or be a good judge on what the exact price should be.

Then by allowing others to offer, he is able to see what “the market” deems the yoyo worth by averaging all the offers.

its not a direct comparison but it makes sense. If you go to buy a car from a dealership and you say “i’ll pay $10k for this car” and they jump and say “OKAY SIGN HERE” then you know they know that’s a high offer. Where if you come in and offer $5k, they might say that’s too low what about 8? you counter with 6. You guys settle at 7. and an even and just negotiation has occurred and you both feel you worked hard to earn a fair price.

At this point i’m just rambling about sales stuff but I hope this sheds some sense of light on one reason why both parties would want a number from the other party first.


I also can’t speak highly enough of OP as we have been communicating for several days on end. Very fair and understanding person. Even helped educate me on throws neither of us currently own.

A great participant in this community


Thanks for the kind words. This BST thread is way too interesting to archive it later given all the interesting discussion on sales :slight_smile: I may not know the exact values of everything, but I’m always happy to talk over PMs and figure it out.


Green deep state, kappa, covenant and Banshee SS gone

bump :slight_smile:

Sorry if this comes off as a low ball offer, I’m a bit new to the scene and can’t really appraise the worth of many throws yet. Is $75 a reasonable offer for the Saturday Market Deep State?


I’d say yes!