Reduced price plz help :( For sale c3yoyodesign berserker max mint with box(Sold)

Black/red/yellow splash color way mint with box only played for less than 3 minutes
Asking for 110 shipped

Pm if interested thanks!

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Sick! Why are you selling?

need money for textbook :frowning:




There is no substitute for a good education. It’s been a looong time, but even back in the days of the covered wagons, textbooks were expensive.

I will buy your Max so you can buy your book🙀

Get back to me…


Send a PM bro, don’t put your personal info out there for the public to see.

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sorry sent to the wrong person XDDDD

TBF you can see they replied to Mo’s reply to their thread via email based on the little letter symbol near the edit symbol, if you have emails turned on for subscribed thread replies it can be easy to mistake a thread reply for a DM if you don’t read the subject close enough.

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