Redline Series ?

how much would an original grind machine 1 (metal ) redline series green yyf sell for ?

They do not make them anymore, but I’ve seen them go for about $70 on the B/S/T. I’ve been looking for one forever, but they are extremely rare, seeing only a small amount were made. My friend had a Grind Mutant. Only 21 made. He cracked it.

I would ask for a lot more than 70… not only is it a great yoyo, but YYF collectors would shell out quite abit for it

Yeah, good point. I was willing to pay over $120 for one. They are real beauties. Any collector would be proud to have one. The ones I’ve seen were actually pretty dinged up. Sad how people don’t take care of heir priceless yoyos.

i have one :slight_smile: that is why i asked

Dings happen. Im not going to yoyo in a bubble because the thing Im playing with might be resold.

think of a ding like your own personal acid wash

man big cat never ask too see any of my yoyos, they would get you crying.