Red triangles

I was just wondering if there was any sort of laceration or quick way of getting into a red triangle (other than the Houdini mount)

The first bit of Zammy’s ‘Like a Boss’ trick will get you into a red triangle. Up to step 4.


Not a laceration but pretty fast

I made one up. So yep.

Would you be willing to make a tutorial?

I made up a ninja vanish into a 3d tower/red traingle. If you want I could post a video of it (if i ever figure out how to upload videos…)

I have sooo many tutorials due to be made, but I guess a laceration to red triangle will have to get in line.

I have to make a trouble or nothing tut, a twisty 1.5 mount tut, and now a red triangle laceration tut.

If my kangaroo video hits 300 views, than i’ll make a tut for that too.

I’ll be watching your trouble or nothing tutorial! I’ve been waiting for one!

A good one:

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