any, and all comments are appreciated

Crude language  warning


You got some good tricks in there, man. Everything you were doing looked pretty smooth so all I can really say is keep up the good work. I’m not too keen on all the details of the tricks, but it looked really clean.


Dat Catch-22 doe! Doesn’t seem to be in mint condition, but still…

Nice video! Like the editing, soundtrack, and of course the tricks. That series of pops was pretty boss.

({RTD} alecto) #4

i really like this kind of play keep up the good work.


Haha! That guy sleeping in the background! Tricks were smooth with a nice pop in them.


what throw is that


If I heard right, it could be rated PG for language, but it was still a good video and the tricks were excellent.


Not mint at all! :slight_smile: and thanks!

I edited my post with a warning, thanks for the heads up!

It is the CLYW Gnarwhal.

Thanks everyone for the feedback! keep it coming!