Really? REALLY!?!?!?

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Apparently pizza=veggie in the US now.

I don’t feel too comfortable mocking american culture on this board, but reading that pizza “became” a veggie just made me crack.


If it makes you feel better, I don’t care if you mock American culture… This is one of the most backward place on the globe… People complain about everything, socialism around here is such that a supposed economic powerhouse has many many people needing government assistance, and Americans mock other cultures all the time… We have stereotypes for everyone… Nerds, valley girls, Asians, high society rich people, you name it…

Disagree if you want to, I just needed to rant

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I’m pretty sure nobody classified pizza as a veggie. Where did you hear this?


I saw this to! its crazy. it was on the news!


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Yeah, I’m sorry, this is stupid. Let’s call salads vegetables. The whole thing. The whole thing is now a vegetable. Salad? Vegetable. Nono, not MADE with vegetables as an element in their creation, just vegetable.

Cheese? Now? Vegetable.

Wheat? Bread? VEGETABLE


american politicians are stupid. /thread.


Anyone have a link to the newsclip? Seems interesting…

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I’ve just seen some short reports in Norwegian papers. Seems like only the sauce is considered a vegetable. This is still because they want junkfood to look “healtier” on paper, the junkfood that kids get in their school cafeterias.


Kermit explains it best.


i cracked up when i saw that report on the news.

the fact that the politicians here in the u.s consider pizza a vegetable is an explanation for why some of them are so fat. :stuck_out_tongue:


Washington is a joke right now. Its sad that things instead of focusing more time on important issues (BUDGET!), they spend their time debating whether something which contains 0 vegetable products is infact a vegetable. And theres also the internet censorship bill being debated right now, which would effectively shut down youtube, and other popular online media sites


1- Washington will always be a joke… If we want things to work, the governments can no more jurisdiction than a city, county tops… This would be a big change and it would be difficult for a while, but I’d bet my pinky fingers it’s better in the long run

2- Internet censorship dosnt have much momentum… If people find something is inappropriate for the place they are ( whether or not it’s a children’s forum, a review board, or an “adult videos” site) flagging, and moderating and reporting do the job just fine… This site is a perfect example


saw this too. for kids lunches in the cafereria, pizza is considered veggie because of the tomato sauce. Pizza is pizza.


tomato is fruit.

Congress is stupid.

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If we lived in amareica it would be different.


^ Was that a Drake and Josh quote?



no, its a my little pony reference.


could’ve sworn I heard that on there when I was little…
North Ah-Mur-ee-kah