Reading vs watching content

If I watch a video podcast I just crank up the video speed to x2 to make it more compact to hear the conversation


I’m thinking about creating a video review series where I sit in front of my collection and read other people’s yoyo reviews to the camera.


Both formats have their merits.


I find videos give more credit to a review since we are able to view the creators play style, trick set and overall bias if they upload enough content. It also makes it easy to pick out who is making fluff content and who might have something of value to say.

A written review while important, is more helpful when there is a multitude of them (ie. A product thread having a bunch of reviews) or is coming from a known reviewer/player.

Both are subject to hype and all are subject to being overwritten by the next new shiny thing.

To me what’s interesting is the stuff that sticks in folks rotation for a long time. The 5 or so “go to” yoyos, since this typically helps understand their design bias.


Depends on the type of content for me. In some areas, I think there just is a lot of video content already, so I think I want more content that I can read (e.g. reviews). I also wish there were a news website type of thing with articles for contests and stuff. I like video content but I wish there were more types of written content available.

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Short Answer - Both.

I am looking for the information between the lines…

A reviewer may not like something becasue it does X. The item gets a lower mark for that. BUT that may be exactly what I am looking for.

I think well rounded reviews are more valuable then a one play style opinion.


There used to be yoyonews but its been dead for a while now. Was nice to stay up to date on releases, upcoming videos, interviews and contests in one place.

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This forum is probably the best place to stay up to date.

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It really depends whose content I am viewing. A lot of written reviews can be hard to read but a good one usually is much better than a video. Videos can do the same thing.

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Interviews I like to listen to like podcasts. Honestly wouldn’t read one.

Reviews - both ways. But I prefer to watch as well to see more than just pictures. in use examples of what the reviewer likes and doesn’t like.

Also when the reviewer can only do skin the gerbil the video lets me know that. If it was written I wouldn’t know that the review isn’t really valid.