'Read' function on posts

I’m not sure of this is a good idea or a bit of a silly one.

I like the function of ‘liking’ a post because I can see the people that have read my posts and other’s (as well as its function for appreciating other people’s posts).

I would like there to be another clickable button next to it to be notified who has read the post, like a little book or glasses icon or something. That way if a post hasn’t been liked, I can still see if it has been read (If the reader chooses to click the icon,.of course.

Actually… the more I think about this as I type, the sillier it sounds to myself. Lol.


I read this post, but I didn’t like it! :joy:


I can see the value in this, but I can also see it resulting in “20 read my post, and only 2 liked it?”
I think I would be worried clicking READ would be interpreted this way, and not do it. I tend to overthink things.
I like the idea, but wonder how it would work in practice.


We have thought about this for PMs in some circumstances but it has never been considered for public posts.