Last big video for a longggg timeee

not bad

Nice tricks man!

For a l l looooong time :’(??


No no no you still got one more to make :wink:

Sorry for dub post! Didnt see vid till now! Hahaha ur a magician! You not only spontaneously materialized yourself… But a cat too??? Woahh! Hahah good throwin as always man!!

Thanks! I thought I’d put in some funny stuff! Oh, I will try to film the trick today… I couldn’t yesterday.

no worries man, just… Duh duh duhhh duhhh dont you… Forget about meee… I said noww, dont yooouuuu, forget about mee. Hahahhahaaa

I won’t forget! The weather is bad right now so I might wait till tomorrow to get it filmed… Then I’ll slow it down for you!

Man, another awesome video! Great job!

Thanks!  That means a ton coming from you! :smiley:

Oh, YoRed, here is the video I wanted to make for you:

Sorry about the bad quality and lighting!  It’s all I could get in such a short notice haha. :smiley:

Great video Matt!

Nice! Is that a trigger?

Thanks for the comments guys! Yes, it is a Trigger!

Great job!
Our cat got a prolonged cameo

Thanks bro!

Yeah, she did!

Great tricks, your a great player, I had fun hanging out with you at NER

Thanks! Yeah! That was really fun!