Rate Your Stage Fright!

How much stage fright do you get while yo-yoing?

I have next to none near my friends, parents, and peers at school.
But I have hysterical breakdowns if I am pressured to throw in front of people I don’t see a zillion times a week.



I actually get a lot more off-stage fright. Like, I’ll be at a contest practicing my routine either alone in a corner or in front of a few friends, and I’ll be really stressed and screw up a lot. As soon as I get on stage, though, I feel good and things just work out.

It gets better after every contest. Now I competed on 5 and I’m much more calm on last one.

I’ve never competed but I imagine I’d probably be terrified on stage…

Been working pro entertainment for 30 years. I’m not the “focus” as I’m more of a behind the scenes guy, but I have no concerns with being on a stage. I don’t even think about it.

But, I’m not performing yoyo on a stage, at least not now, mostly because I need more time and skills. Even so, I’m not competing.

Ever get any backstage fright? :slight_smile:

Nope. But that can be more scary that the stage itself.

I’m typically at the front of house position mixing audio. Only a crappy set of short metal guard fences keeps me away from the masses.

Ooh, voting tied 5 ways!

I don’t really fall into one of the options. I am fine In front of people but once I am competing I get super debilitating stage fright. I couldn’t even land a 1.5 mount at my first competition.

I haven’t ever gone to a contest so I don’t know what my stage fright would be like there, but normal yoyoing, even in public, I have no stage fright

I’ve never been in a contest but I do show dozens of people in the mall everyday my yoyo skills but I think on stage, that would wreck my world. On stage there are lots of people expecting to see the cool tricks and they know what their looking for. As for mall Walkers, they just stand and stare and “ooohhh”. No matter what you do. You could mess up and they couldn’t tell the difference. I think thats why contest are scary. Judged by yoyoers and not common folk. Yea stage fright galore for me.

I’ve never gone up on stage but have done a couple demos for a couple elementary school class rooms. Knowing the kids were going to be excited regardless of if I messed up or not made me more relaxed when showing them. Even when I did miss, I heard a load of ‘wows.’ I’m honestly not ready for competing and I doubt I will be as I just want to keep it a fun thing rather than stress.

I do not fare too well in front of large crowds when delivering a speech (speech class final, full of ‘ums’ and ‘uhs’) but again it was a thing I had to do. I’m sure while I would be nervous yoyoing up on stage, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as bad as reading/memorizing a speech.