Rareish Gen-yo

I have the one of a kind half badass gold/green entheos and was wondering how much those are worth in market value these days. Im assuming not alot because browsing through the bst market values on almost all yoyos seems to have dropped in the year since I stopped yoyoing.

pics would be useful

Well, not much. I have seen a MIB Unengraved entheos stay on the bst for months, and finally sell for less than 80! Plus there are so many more general-yo that are rare, and the entheos is one of the community’s least favorite general-yo from my perspective. I would say 75

Yeah, Entheos doesn’t seem to be very popular at all. However, Mr Some has a 1 of 1 BA Entheos. So I’d guess that you could MAYBE pull $90, $100 if you’re lucky/patient.

One just sold with wooden box for $100 shipped and it was mint so if yours is minus box and not mint is would say $75 - $85 but without a box I’d not be willing to pay that much.