Rare/Old for Sale/Trade! Prices lowered!

Blasted orange Flash, literally new. just got it from yoyoexpert yesterday, took it apart, put in some luftpads, threw it a couple times, then decided my flashback is better :sweat_smile: 70$

2019 Noctu 1/23, literally new, first owner and only thrown a couple times. 100% mint and smooth, comes with concave full ceramic bearing installed. 120$

Kosciuszko 7 summits, dead smooth, no original packaging, only damage pictured. 140$

Raw Fulvia #2/30, completely smooth on the string, a little bit of nail, 100% mint from what I can see, comes with all original packaging. ONLY TRADING FOR EVORA

RecRev Mangaroo, no original packaging, all damage pictured below, vibey of course, but less so than most RecRev yoyos. 40$

RecRev Sine//Saw, currently some RecRev vibe but I have tuned it smooth before with some effort, one of the stax is loose so the yoyo only tightens so much, a good bit of damage, most noticeable is pictured but there’s a lot more pricks and blemishes that aren’t pictured. 40$

Oxygene Megatron completely mint and smooth, comes with oxygene drawstring bag. 200$

Oxygene Obsidian signed by Carlo Menon (founder and owner of Oxygene) completely mint, a bit vibey but nothing crazy. No original packaging. 90$

My wants are:

RecRev Badrep, Badrep Lite, or Electric Daisy
RecRev Oktave 1
Luftverk raw or AMS Evora, 2020 or original
Pink blasted logoless flashback

must be like-new for me to consider it.

If you want to buy, the prices are in USD and do not include shipping cost or PayPal fees if you choose to send G&S. I live in Canada and use PayPal only.


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You still have vayder?

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