Rare/Old for Sale/Trade! Luftverk, RecRev, Oxygene, ILYY, 7summit

Blasted orange Flash, literally new. just got it from yoyoexpert yesterday, took it apart, put in some luftpads, threw it a couple times, then decided my flashback is better :sweat_smile: 80$

2019 Noctu 1/23, literally new, first owner and only thrown a couple times. 100% mint and smooth, comes with concave full ceramic bearing installed. 120$

Kosciuszko 7 summits, dead smooth, no original packaging, only damage pictured. 150$

Raw Fulvia #2/30, completely smooth on the string, a little bit of nail, 100% mint from what I can see, comes with all original packaging. ONLY TRADING FOR EVORA (also if you want an AMS or purple Evora for your raw Evora contact me, I have someone who will three way trade)

RecRev Mangaroo, no original packaging, all damage pictured below, vibey of course, but less so than most RecRev yoyos. 50$

RecRev Sine//Saw, currently some RecRev vibe but I have tuned it smooth before with some effort, one of the stax is loose so the yoyo only tightens so much, a good bit of damage, most noticeable is pictured but there’s a lot more pricks and blemishes that aren’t pictured. 50$

Oxygene Megatron completely mint and smooth, comes with oxygene drawstring bag. 200$

Oxygene Obsidian signed by Carlo Menon (founder and owner of Oxygene) completely mint, a bit vibey but nothing crazy. No original packaging. 100$

My wants are:

Turning Point Leviathan 7 or 8
RecRev Badrep, Badrep Lite, or Electric Daisy
RecRev Oktave 1
Luftverk Evora RSP or 2020 Evora R
Pink heavensent creep
AMS Luftverk+CLYW TiPeak

must be like-new for me to consider it.

If you want to buy, the prices are in USD and do not include shipping cost or PayPal fees if you choose to send G&S. I live in Canada and use PayPal only.


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You still have vayder?

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