Rare Eetzilla inside! LF Walter, Scout, Orca, spyy/tmbr eh 2014

Looking for trades or cash offers.


Starting at the top:
-Clyw yeti- GONE
-OUT caffine pocket love, mine with bag and beans
-filligree mandala no-jive, Imperial shape. Had a couple scuffs
-blue tom kuhn silver bullet 2. Comes with box and other items
-red protostar. Pretty smooth for a protostar. The smoothest of the two.
-recrev bad rep, half purple half raw. Some marks on it.
-yyf regen. Very smooth for plastic throw. Mint condition.
-john ando protostar. More vibey than the red one but still very playable. I think these are semi collecter items too maybe?
-monkeyfinger ape-x. Mint. Plays great.
-recrev electric daisy- GONE

Werdd split decision:


Smooth, mint. no other rims for it though.


ANTI-YO Eetzilla w/ high wall mod




This baby has been played. Its from sonny of anti-yo’s personal collection. He did all the damage. It was his player for a long time I think. For good reason too, this throw is smooth and fun. Looking for a good trade for a pretty smooth peak, or $250 OBO. Feel free to offer anything else I might be interested in. Its a bit beat up but given history and the fact that it is modded you wont see one like this again any time soon.


Im looking for a Walter. honestly I dont care if its beat up some as long as it isnt completely destroyed. But I dont want to pay as much for one thats beat up of course.

With the anti-yos, Im looking for:
4mm ywet
Blasted ywet

Also looking for a Scout and a Orca.

And Im also looking for any rec revs. Delrin and metal.

And Im looking for fixed axles. Tmbr especially.