*Rare* Aurora Borealis Glide Yomega "Possible For Sale"(Price Check)


I have a Rare Mint! (Without Box) Yomega Aurora Borealis Glide Possibly “For Sale”.
I know this throw is rare so I am only interested in selling it for the right price.
If interested please PM me an offer… otherwise, if you happen to know the going rate for
this throw please also feel free to respond to this thread.
If this throw is not as valuable as thought, I will just hold on to it.

I am in no rush, so I will not accept low ball offers.


P.S. Posted below is a picture of it I found on the Net. I am at work currently and will update this picture with a picture of my throw once at home.

Aurora Borealis Glide Information
-people think this yoyo was just a limited run, but in fact they weren’t released wide spread to the general public because of a manufacturing issue. The Aurora Borealis had a bad wobble because of its oil slick coating. So be aware of this if you purchase. It is still playable but I haven’t thrown it much because of its unique looks.

  • A few of these were ever sold and I came by mine by contacting yo mega personally.


You might sell it for the right price, yet you don’t want to say what that price is…and
you won’t accept low ball offers? Well good luck with that! :smiley:

** just so you know, 50 of these were sold.

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