Rancid Milk

Would anyone be kind enough to make a step by step tutorial on Rancid Milk? Everything I found wasn’t too helpful.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but it’s a pretty good tutorial:


Phew, that’s a lot of elements to remember! I’mma file this one under “Learn in 2 months”.

That video doesn’t work for me.  Thanks anyways.

Just went back to Grawrd.com to learn Red Clover, but the site is now parked (he must not have wanted to bother renewing the domain)… that sucks! You can still find the videos at a combination of Vimeo and Youtube, but the way he had it organized was useful.

oh man, I totally forgot this trick existed. I tried learning it like a year ago and got stuck near the end. this has inspired me to learn it though

The tutorials for this trick lack needed detail on how the rotation of the formation works right before the red clover pop. I was stuck on it a while and figured it out by trial and error.

If that’s the part your stuck on, I can do my best to do a text walkthrough for that bit.

Also, for the last hop the yoyo gets hopped out front and all the string segments get dropped so you can land in trapeze. I kept trying to hop the yoyo through the strings instead of outside and towards the front (slightly away from you).

Check Palli’s video to see how fast this trick can be done.


Here ya go :slight_smile: All of the videos work just fine. If any website is ‘dead’ then you can go to web.archive.org and enter the URL and it will bring you ‘back in time’ to the latest snapshot for the site. Sometimes things are broken, other times things work perfect.

Thanks, mang! As it turns out, the site is back online anyhow. Not sure why it was parked for a few days, but it’s back.

Web archive is handy, though!

You were right, grawrd.com is back up and online :slight_smile: I’m glad, because I really wanted to learn red clover and the archive didn’t have the video available for that trick.