Rally Combo 1 vs Rally Combo 2

I recently made two videos, both titled “Rally Combo”. After having them uploaded for quite some time I was curious…I wonder which one the community liked best? I want to know, Which do you prefer and would you like to see a Rally Combo 3?

Just comment below and let me know your thoughts on either video! Don’t forget to tell me if you want to see a Rally Combo 3 as well!

Rally Combo 1:

Rally Combo 2:

I liked combo 1 better but the stall in combo 2 was awesome.
And yes combo 3

I like both posts. I appreciate videos that are short and to the point and both of these win. I look forward to Rally 3.

Sweet! Thanks.
I love short videos because I get bored after watching 2 minutes of repetitive combos.


I like the 2nd one the best and yes a rally combo 3

Awesome! Thanks for the input! Keep it coming :slight_smile: