I thought I would share this video as I never got the chance to do so and kept it mostly private until today.

I created this video on a day I had become very angry to the point that I was on the verge of breaking things. There was a lot of pressure going on and essentially, I needed to yoyo to prevent myself from doing something damaging.

I find it interesting looking back now at this comparing how my style looked in this compared to my last 1A video. Your mood can greatly affect your yoyoing style and how it looks.

Interesting to think about, and interesting to notice.

Something to keep in mind.

That said, I yoyo hard when I’m angry, I should get mad before contest > . <



haha went ham in that video it’s really interesting. The thing that gets me getting there is the night vision album by imagine dragons just it makes me fly through all of my combos and love throwing to that with headphones on going having fun.

Ya man i feel ya one time i was pretty angry and went into some pretty aggresive yoyoing my fingers started to bleed.