New video feat. the Werrd Irony JP!

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Happened?!?! Wow! That was wicked good!

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Does your Irony have a slight vibe as well?

Nice! I dug the music, too.

Freaking awesome. Loved it!


It did, but then I changed the bearing to a 10 ball and it now only has the tiniest vibe ever. Id go so far as to say it has no vibe at all.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments!

Too gooooood

Your swagger is off the charts man.

Nice :slight_smile:

that was just plain awesome bro!

I need to get more Werrds…

Yeah! I would suggest the tre over the ironies though, if you are actually planning on getting a new Werrd.

Again, thanks everyone for the nice comments and don’t forget to subscribe :wink:

You’re really good man, love watching your videos. Keep it up!

Thanks man! Mean a lot

Featured on Werrd’s Facebook :open_mouth: made my day!


If you’re not sponsored, you totally should be

Well thanks you king of strings, that means a lot.

Yeah, well I’m not really that much of a " stringking." I just named myself that because it rhymes.

Haha yeah I caught that :stuck_out_tongue: