Quitting Trade!!!

I’m stopping throwing for a while but I want a quality throw in case I get back in. So I’m gonna trade a quality bundle so feel free to offer but this is kinda what I’m looking for:

Preferably throws with these restrictions: not a single color with roughly these dimensions or bigger: 2.20x1.70 Inches (55x43mm)

  • CLYW
  • G Squared
  • Any offer you think might be quality

This is the bundle I’m offering:

  • YYF Stacked Genesis - Mint out of Box - All Black
  • YYF Super G - USA Edition - No Scratches but a tiny bit of vibe
  • Duncan Raptor - No caps, Green - 5 small pinpricks, don’t effect play at all - Dead Smooth

If you dare think you have a throw that is worthy, I’ll throw this in:

  • CLYW Summit - Nickel - Couple scuffs but is smooth - real special to me cause it went to Brazil and back - be wary asking for this one

Reach is amazing

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