Quitting Trade: LF- CLYW - Wanting to trade all yoyos at once

Looking for:

  • CLYW
    • Specifically - Cliff, Bonfire, Artic Circle, (maybe) Summit
  • High end:
    • YYF’s
    • YYJ C-Force
    • YYJ Fever
    • Or something high end
  • Any high end offer will be considered

My Yoyos (Top, left to right. Bottom Left to Right.(of picture of yoyo where you can’t see the string):

  • Mint YYF Stacked 888x - A couple pinpricks
  • Mint YYF Stacked Catalyst - (White or Green Stacks or Blue Z-stacks) - TRADED
  • Customized YYF Shutter - (Aftermarket buffed rims, Venom String, competition responses)
  • Mint YYF 44
  • Near Mint Duncan Raptor - Aftermarket buffed rims and a couple pinpricks
  • Mint YYF Starbrite
  • Almost Near Mint Champion YYJ Phenom - I won the CO State Talent show with this - I removed the caps to make it more stable at slower speeds - minor scuffing on the rims but nothing to effect play or feel
  • Mint YYF Aviator - Aftermarket responses added

new yoyo: YYF HOT - Aftermarket Responses added

B - ump
U - p
M - y
P - ost