Quitting have berenguel peak and much more ti, sky walker rarities in here!!!!!

Buy individually or in a lot!!!
if you want to sell stuff individually pm a great offer or no reply thanks all
I really want to say thanks to one of the most inviting, nice and creative communities i have ever met
HElP me out here!
only serious offers answered i HAVE paypal

photo null_zps95f71d73.jpg

Have most boxes!!! And all boxes for clyw


photo null_zps1b8a255a.jpg


what you get!!!
yyr sleipnier 3 dings have box
o7 high wall
starry night skyline few small works
envy 64 #764!
smooth move 1/12
mib werrd split d johhny donut rims
werrd paq fem flatspots
hour one manufacturing mark

sunset crucial confection ala mode
dexter crucial delicious
jason wong aura spikes chopped
custom velocity
String Theory quark
alexbenguel peak mib and smooth!!!
battosai cherry few dings
skywalker one mark yo-duh
nickel battosai mint
vendetta mint
skyy chaser kinda beat worlds edition
steamroller mint
lagoutte near mint
some delrin
bbyy pixel
caferacer 1 ding
the v
painted shmoove recess
beat c3 bird no axle
2x rec rev reverbs
2x adegle macarons

Bump pull ur post down or answer pms and give prices

For the record, he wants $3-4000 for all of them.

Record checked all for sale or buy the case full. Still no prices.

Didnt answer my pm and I responded within an hours of the listing.

Edit. I posted this before he had the list. I looked at his photo pages and saw an aurora which isn’t listed so was curious how many throws in the photos were NOT actually in the deal which my fav AURORA seems not to be.

cool stuff


Nice stuff!!! but i dont have any moola

you’ve been quitting for months now.