Quick Tips for Branding

Someone asked me for some advice on Branding. Specifically, they were looking for help with the hop-and-catch section, so I made this quick tip video to help them out:

Also, I guess this is a good way to find out if TikTok embeds work on Discourse forums.

EDIT: TikTok embeds don’t seem to work, so here is a direct link to the video


The link doesn’t seem to work for me. Not sure if anyone else has a issue.


Extinct for me too :pensive:

Thanks for the heads up. Here is a direct link to the TikTok video (which should work if you click it).

Or if you prefer, it’s also on Instagram. Let me see if that embeds here:


Instagram used to embed a preview if not the video iirc but hasn’t for a while, Imgur and YouTube are the only ones I know that directly embed the video for playing.

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