Quick question


this just came to mind but does anyone know where to buy string lab ammo plastic stands
If you look at SL ammo it says plastic stands not included so does anyone know where to get them or are they just unknown?


I’d have to say you’d probably want to contact YYSL direct. He’s on here from time to time. If you’d mark your quick question a bit more clear, he might want to respond.

I’m actually interested in their containers for Ammo, as I think they are 2-liter soft drink bottle pre-forms. I’d like to get like 10 empty ones for holding accessories for yoyos, and in some cases, small tools and parts for shows and events.


They are 2-Liter bottle blanks and I’m relatively sure you can buy the stands from Matt if he still has enough left after CalStates.

If not, I know they’re sold online at lab-equipment websites for holding test-tubes.


I’ve actually seen some at craft stores. Michaels or AC Moore, if you live near any.


Drop the folks at String Labs an E-Mail and ask them about buying some.
They were kind enough to sell me a few.


What stands are you guys talking about?


http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/957/Yo-Yo-String-Lab-AMMO---10-Pack the stands holding the string tubes in the pic


There are other places that sell Ammo. I received the stand complimentary when I ordered it from a different store.

I will also say the stand is stamped, “Oriental Trading” on the bottom…


Oh, I never really thought about it. I just leave my tubes in my case. It would be pretty cool having 4 different packs of ammo on my desk on this stand.




Broken Link.

Edit: Fixed Now.